To Become A Surrogate


Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a surrogate with Heart To Heart.

Our purpose is to provide our clientele with extraordinary women who meet all the requirements for successful surrogacy


A gestational surrogate has no relation to the baby they carry. The intended mother's egg or a donor's egg is fertilized by the sperm of the intended father or sperm donor and the resulting embryo is then implanted into the womb of the gestational surrogate.


Please review the requirements below before applying. The compensation for gestational surrogates ranges from $26,000 -$40,000+ depending on the experience of the surrogate and if there is a multiple birth of twins involved.

Currently we are only seeking Gestational Surrogates who reside in California, Texas, Maryland, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Additionally, please think carefully about your ability and willingness to be pregnant and to commit a minimum of a year of your life to helping your Intended Parents to have a baby. Although the surrogacy process is immensely rewarding, it is also an intense, challenging and emotional journey; not just for you but for your family as well.

Why become a surrogate with Heart To Heart?
•We offer over 8 years of experience in the fertility business
•We are owned and operated by former Intended Parents
•Our surrogates earn from $25,000 compensation for new surrogates and up to $40,000+ for experience
surrogates, and we allow you to set your own terms and compensation.
•We make sure our surrogates have a personal attorney (paid for by the Intended Parents) to insure their 
rights are protected and represented in the surrogate contract.
•We insure all funds are in a secure and bonded escrow account.
•We are with you through out the pregnancy to make sure you have all your needs met.

There are many reasons why you should always be represented by our surrogate agency, but perhaps the most important reason is if you choose to become a surrogate with Heart To Heart, you will have an agency who will make sure your experience as a surrogate is a wonderful, rewarding and life changing event.


Once you complete the application process and it is determined that you qualify, our coordinator will contact you by phone or email. At that time we can also answer any questions you may have regarding our program.
After you complete the phone interview, we will add you to our list of potential surrogates for intended parents to review.
As soon as you are matched with a couple, we will provide you with information regarding the parents along with their photograph. If you choose to accept this match, then the screening process will begin.
Please review the Surrogate FAQ page before completing the pre-application. It is important that you understand the process and what is expected of surrogates.
 * age 21-40
 *at lease one birth.
 *ucomplicated pregnancy
 *able to  pass a  background check
 *be a U.S. citizen
 *non-smoker, non-drug user
 *have the support of spouse or partner (if married or in a relationship)
 *be in a stable living situation
 *be willing to take medications via injections
 *enjoy pregnancy